aintings like other items are affected by destructive factors and undergo the aging process. Their preservation condition increases the speed of their decay. In order to prevent and control the destruction process, various arrangements and measures might be made and taken.

The damaged paintings, such as paint on canvas, wall painting, miniature and such undergo the restoration procedure, first by preparing an identity document of the existing conditions, including the analysis of the artwork, the situation of the background, type of paint and colors which are used, if necessary, radiography of the work and determination of originality and the type and amount of the damages which have been occurred.

The operation starts by stabilization of the bed and background and the layer of the color and if necessary, it continues by reconstruction of the damaged parts.


he procedure of corrosion in the metals and the chemical changes which occur in the metals while destroying their stability, leads to the damage and decay of the picture. Also, many metal works have suffered from various physical damages because of pressure or stroke during the past times.

The recovery and treatment method is determined with respect to the type, nature and value of the work. The chemical and/or physical treatment is arranged and if necessary, a combination of both methods is employed. The technology of construction and the metal effects are determined through comparative studies and metalography and the size and extend of the damage is recognized. After carrying out the restoration phases, the preservation measures are taken to control the destruction procedure.

The historical works with holes

his class covers the items made by stone, ceramic, tile, brick, etc. Fortunately, such items show more resistance against the destructive factors. The most common damages, which occur, are caused by physical factors. The human factors, the penetration of salts through the holes and freezing are the most important problems of such works. The treatment and restoration method of such works is carried out in a particular form and they need special techniques for such restoration.

In order to preserve them, first the salt and such compounds are extracted from the holes and then the apparent shape of the object is carried out by joining the parts and restoration of the lost parts.

After performing the restoration operation, a safety layer is established on the surface of the object by using the chemical substances such as resins and metacrylates.

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