Restoration of Historical, ancient and
cultural objects

he services of this company cover all affairs related to the restoration of books, documents, leather, painting, metal, stones and stone made objects, inlaid works and such. The operation for the restoration of the historical and artistic objects is carried out with scientific methods and by using the modern technology.

Before starting the operation, an identity document is prepared of the works and the physical, chemical and artistic value of the work is studied. The arrangement for the restoration operation is made in view of the defects.
Documents and Books

ith respect to the organic structure of the materials, which compose the books and documents, special importance is given to the preservation and maintenance of such works. After preparing the identity document, the necessary restoration and recovery treatments are carried out to control the destruction process. The restoration and reconstruction operations of the defected parts are carried out afterwards.

There are two methods for the restoration of documents and books, namely the traditional one and the modern type, both of which have a good efficiency in the preservation task. To restore the documents, particularly when they have elegant decoration, much care and attention shall be employed.

Ceramic & Tile Works Repaired by Parasmoon

Historical Koran before restoration

Historical Koran after restoration by Parasmoon

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