Consultation Services

Owing to our scientific and practical experiences, we are prepared to offer consultation services in an international level, along with the experts who carry out the restoration and preservation of the ancient, historical and cultural works, including the buildings, monuments and ancient objects.

The consultation service includes:

  • Preservation and control of the destruction procedure of the historical buildings and cultural and artistic objects.
  • Design and completion of the lost parts and sections
  • The necessary materials and items which are needed to preserve and restore and the techniques which is applied
  • Establishing specialized workshops and laboratories.
  • Design and optimization of archives, libraries and document centers.
  • Design and optimization of the museum and stores of museum objects.
Parasmoon Stand in Tehran International Trade Fair

  • To provide the facilities, equipment and tools: We are able to supply the entire facilities, tools, consuming materials and objects which are needed for the restoration process in the fastest means. We are able to offer our most up-to-date and modern facilities, tools and best types of materials to our customers.
Facilities and Tools
  • Facilities for the restoration of painting.
  • Facilities for the restoration of books and documents.
  • Facilities for air-condition system, including the humidity and thermal facilities for archives and museum.
  • The tools and facilities for the preservation and restoration research and laboratories.
  • Facilities and equipment for the restoration research and laboratories.
  • Installation and start-up phase of the necessary facilities.
  • Materials for restoration of buildings.
  • Resins and synthetic materials for the preservation and restoration.
  • The hand-made papers and special papers.
  • Glue, adhesive materials, gum and vernier.
  • Artistic Colors

We are available as a reliable colleague and along with the fairs and exhibitions, we are available to visit and offer expertise advise around the world. We are prepared for the exchange of scientific information with the expertise centers and officials.

We hope you would not hesitate to contact us and we would like to ensure you that we will offer you the best possible services.

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