• Facilities for the restoration of painting.
  • Facilities for the restoration of books and documents.
  • Facilities for air-condition system, including the humidity and thermal facilities for archives and museum.
  • The tools and facilities for the preservation and restoration research and laboratories.
  • Facilities and equipment for the restoration research and laboratories.
  • Installation and start-up phase of the necessary facilities.

Also, we supply the materials and equipment which are needed for the various projects, such as:

  • Materials for restoration of buildings.
  • Resins and synthetic materials for the preservation and restoration.
  • The hand-made papers and special papers.
  • Glue, adhesive materials, gum and vernier.
  • Artistic Colors

Machines for Mass Deacidification

Extasis 2000 Heated SpatulaComputer controlled spraying with great accuracy, using an exact quantity of automized deacidification solution on separate sheets of different sizes. Suitable for records, maps, newspapers, etc. Also suitable for other successive treatments such as Ethanol spray, sizing, pressing, forced air-de-siccation and etc.
(Machine shown in picture: JEZET OZNLA-5)

Lascaux low-pressure Table
(Suction Table, BELO Partial Vacuum Table, BELO Suction Table)

Lascaux EquipmentsThe Lascaux Low-pressure table is an ideal working equipment for paper and textile restoration, for partial or complete cleaning, removal of planar distortions, lining, leaf-casting and etc.The BELO suction table equipped with a patented heat generating system is used for painting restoration work. All standard operations such as smoothing, consolidation, impregnation and attaching can be carried out on the table.

Photographic Laboratories & Digital Imaging Facilities

Photographic Laboratories & Digital Imaging FacilitiesWe supply all the required equipment for photographic laboratories specialized in historical and ancient research projects, as well as facilities for digital imaging, in various types and dimension.

Hand-made Papers & Special Papers

Hand-made Papers & Special PapersHand-made papers and special papers are key components in restoring historical documents, paintings and etc.

Show Cases, Total Visibility Show Cases, Wall & Table Cases

Show CasesShowcases are found in every museum around the world.We provide show cases in various shapes and dimensions -based on customer specifications, produced under highest standards, with the best sealing methods, security locks and different lighting and glass variations.

Resins & Synthetic Materials

Resins & Synthetic MaterialsWe supply all the synthetic materials and resins which are needed for the various restoration projects.


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