Restoration of Historical Buildings and
Construction of Traditional Buildings

here are various materials, which are used in the construction of the ancient buildings. They are decorated with different ornaments. Enjoying the various techniques, disciplines and sciences and the up-to-date findings and benefiting from its specialized and expert personnel, our company is interested and willing to have cooperation in or implementation of the projects, which relate to the concerned organizations and institutes. Such cooperation can be rendered as advisor, consultant and contractor in different stages including research, design, and stabilization of the building and related decoration and/or for the construction of traditional buildings. We are prepared to do so, owing to our high scientific and practical potentials.

Arg e Bam - Bam - Kerman - IranArg e Bam - Bam - Kerman - Iran

is a remarkable fortified mediaeval city founded in the Sassanian era (3rd-7th centuries AD) - although the original foundations are said to extend back 2000 years - with later additions made during the time of the Safavids (15th century on). It is built entirely of mud brick and was a great textile centre in the Middle Ages the remains of bazaars, houses, shops and mosques, continue up to the Citadel which towers over the city.

Kabood Mosque - Tabriz - IranCeramic and Tile Works

he technique is one if the most beautiful decorations, which are used in historical and traditional buildings and have always attracted the attention of the artists and architects.

Stabilization and preservation of the tile and ceramic works, which have survived in each building as well as design and restoration of the defected parts causes the restoration of the artistic values together with maintaining the related stability. Using ceramic and tile working in the newly built buildings has lead to our preparation for accepting orders for design and production of ceramic and tiles from all parts of the world.

Kabood Mosque - Tabriz - IranKabood Mosque - Tabriz - Azarbaijan - Iran

This superb mosque was built in 1465. The central domed sanctuary was 16 meters in diameter and decorated with a profusion of some of the finest tile mosaic produced in the fifteenth century including a rich inscription with golden highlights.

Plastering is widely used in Iranian historical architecturePlastering & Mirror Works

ith no doubt, plaster and mirror works which are used in the historical and ancient buildings and among the most valuable art works in the building and special treatment are handled for the preservation and restoration of such works.

Using the above mentioned decorations and styles in addition to increasing the artistic values established the need of specialized techniques for the restoration purposes.

In addition to the preservation measures, stabilization and renovation of such works, we are prepared to implement new designs in this area.


Many historical and ancient buildings have painting decoration and the painting artists have done their best artistic potentials to create beautiful pictures. The various physical, chemical, biochemical and human factors have played a role in the destruction of painting works.

The restoration of such works require special method and materials. While removing the defects caused by the

Restoration of a painting by Parasmoon Co.physical, chemical and biochemical factors, we are ready, if necessary, to restore the defected parts by the experienced painters who are expert in such restoration and renovation.

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